Company Vision

Become the largest situational language translation solution provider

About Us

Translatego is a translation platform operated by Qingxun Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial data services. Adhering to the company philosophy of “focusing on innovation”, the company is committed to providing AI translation services for users in various fields through technologies such as big data, AI, and mobile internet.

After several years of research, the company has developed the “Neural Network Intelligent Translation System (NITS)”, a deep learning and neural network-based robot. The system has the intelligence like the AlphaGo’s, combining strong cluster computing and professional training corpus, to create the first brand of intelligent translation!

Product Advantages

Support PDF files, Word files, PPT files, Excel files, etc. and support online translation of 21 languages and multi-functional, multi-format, multi-scenario, and multi-port translation;

Have a professional corpus containing over one billion words from multiple fields such as finance, agriculture, medicine, biochemistry, and law. Translatego supports importing self-built terminology to ensure a more faithful, professional and accurate translation of terminology.

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Address: 510, Building 4, Future Sci-Tech-City (Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park), No. 998, West Wenyi Road, Hangzhou

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